How To Detox From Drugs And Alcohol

The detox process is one that needs to be done in a very specific way.  If you fail to do it in this specific way, you can cause yourself and others great harm to even death.  The one thing that you need to understand is that when you start to take drugs and alcohol you are starting to change your body chemistry and are starting to become dependent on these substances.

Don’t go cold turkey

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The biggest mistake that people make is trying to go cold turkey and thinking it will solve their problem.  The truth is that if you do this you can be putting your life in danger.  What you need to do is seek out detox programs in conway, sc for assistance.  These programs are designed to gradually step you down from your addiction and or current intoxication level.  To do anything less could be deadly.

Be prepared for hell

Once you start the detox process it is going to be hell.  The longer you have been taking drugs and alcohol the more reliant your body has become to it.  If your body stops receiving what it wants, it will start to send signals throughout your body demanding these compounds be returned.  This is what is known as withdrawals.

It won’t happen overnight

Detox will not happen overnight.  In fact, expect it to be a lifelong process that starts over each day.  When we rely on drugs and alcohol our bodies crave it.  This will then send a signal through our bodies that seems to be locked into our very cells.  When our bodies don’t receive this anymore, they will start to send false signals telling our bodies to give us pain in order to trick us into giving it what it wants.  You need to fight this and work towards getting well.