Partial Denture Precursor For Dental Implant?

A partial denture is not a permanent fixture. And so it turns out that partial dentures in Chester could be a sign of things to come. Quite exciting, actually, because these could be patients who all qualified to have the more permanent dental implants placed. But as for those who did not make the cut, all was not lost. The partial denture was placed until the more permanent denture was ready made up. But why not just make the denture up in one go?

partial dentures in Chester

After all, it really only takes 24 hours to make up. No, it could take just a few more extra hours. Things must be perfect this time around. What is happening is this. The dentist is just making sure that the patient’s overall dental and oral health and hygiene is fully secured until such time that the new and more permanent teeth arrive. Because leave the gap just so whilst the gums may still be so tender, could expose the cavities to a bacterial invasion.

The design, make and fitting of dentures have of course come quite a long way by now. They are more sturdy and permanent. They will still come loose. That is to be expected. But it is now possible to utilise dentally approved resins that keep the dentures in place. Even so, at some stage or another, the denture would still need to be removed in order for it to be cleaned and maintained. But that too could also prove to be inconvenient.

And so it goes that there is now nothing more permanent and convenient than having dental implants made up and fitted. It never comes loose. It looks and feels just like the real teeth would. Of course that would have had to be healthy as well.