When You Are Faced With A Real Dental Emergency

There was some hesitancy on the part of one reader. There could be more, no one knows as of now, perhaps it is still too early to tell. The reader was at his wit’s end trying to find an emergency dentist in Louisville. He was in so much pain. Perhaps there are readers out there who have been through what this poor chap went through. Some would have made it through the night. But like him, others not.

It is just so easy to lose your focus when you are rolling around in pain. But forget about your agonized writhing and just get onto the phone already. Here is what should be happening. You are mumbling your words, but you would be just so amazed, even during such moments of pain. The dentist’s good receptionist chewed through every single syllable. Understood every last bit you were trying to utter.

emergency dentist in Louisville

A case of been there done that. She has heard it all, no, really, she has. And it is not an occupational hazard, it is very much part of the job. Now if an incoming patient reports that he has got just about the most painful toothache – listen to this if you can – his dentist will be clearing his appointment book and instructing his receptionist to mark this patient done as a high priority case. Or has she already done that already.

Anyhow, the dentist already knows this, there could be a few good – well, they’re not really good, but there you go – reasons why the toothache is as bad as it is. Tooth decay is well under way. And it might yet be early enough to rescue the affected tooth. When you are faced with a real dental emergency.